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OstiaEdge® PE is a Condition-Based Maintenance software that monitors equipment for potential failures or degradation in performance to ensure that timely maintenance is conducted within a single location or site.  PE integrates online and offline equipment data sources, and analyzes that data against user configured rules and algorithms to evaluate the state of machines or systems.  The software uses Open Standards to integrate data from plant historians, distributed control systems, vibration monitors, and other reliability applications to create a 360˚ view of all equipment data sources. The early detection and diagnosis of possible machinery failures is intended to drive operational and maintenance decisions. PE is a cross platform application, enabling use within either Windows or Linux operating environments.

 PE consists of the following components

  • Equipment Dashboard:  Provides high level alert summary of plant equipment
  • Data Viewers:  Provide grahical view of data over time
  • Historical Trend and Event Views:  Provide graphical view of data by equipment operational profile
  • Integrated Performance Analysis Report (iPAR):  A logical roll up of diagnostic data such that end users get a "quick" look at active and non-active faults.  Very similar to the dashboard but is equipment specific only.
  • Application Health Monitoring:  Alert summary review of internal software faults
  • Engineering Knowledge Base Editor (eKB):  Provides an organization the ability via an editor to define sensor location tags, set alert thresholds and define diagnostic rules per their needs






OstiaEdge® Central Edition is a software application that aggregates data for varying systems across an enterprise.  OstiaEdge® CE receives data from site management systems (OstiaEdge® PE or similar software) on a configurable time basis (at least one time per day) and provides Asset Managers a consolidated view of all the assets health within their enterprise.

OstiaEdge® CE consists of the following components:

  • Site dashboard: diagnostic summary rollup for equipment associated with the Plant or Site
  • Integrated Performance Analysis Report (iPAR):
    • a logical rollup of diagnostic data such that end user gets a “quick” look at active and non-active faults.  Very similar to dashboard but is equipment specific only.
  • Enterprise Performance Analysis Report (ePAR):
    • a logical rollup of diagnostic alerts that provides the end user with a quick look at all active and non-active faults within the organization’s deployment of SmartPower℠ PE
  • Workflow: provides a software workflow for reviewing data and entering comments
  • Reports: archive of any reports generated on equipment status




BI is a Business Intelligence (BI) application that is implemented as an advanced analytics module within OstiaEdge®.   This Business Intelligence module is an add-on to the Central Edition.

OstiaEdge® BI consists of the following components:

  • Report building capability for simple Word, Excel, PDF style reports
  • Extract, transform and load (ETL) application to assist in managing/handling large data sets
  • OstiaEdge® BI Dashboard: Provides the end user the ability to configure their own Dashboard
  • Integration platform for 3rd Party logistics data
  • Predictive Analytics